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just discoverd some minute little insects on the glass just above the water line.
the fish don't seem interested in them when i knock them off with my cleaning magnet,they just float back to the glass they are spider like in appearence but extremly small.
what on earth are they :-? :( :-? :( .
i don't have any plants,and i never use the water from my purchases either,i catch them whist their still IN the bag AND DISCARD THE WATER
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Could they be Cyclops? I had cyclops appear in a tank during a fishless cycle, I think they came from a piece of driftwood. I took them to the science lab in the school I worked at and we looked at them under the microscope to figure out what they were. As soon as my cycle was finished and I added fish the cyclops disappeared.........a nice light snack! :p
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