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just discoverd some minute little insects on the glass just above the water line.
the fish don't seem interested in them when i knock them off with my cleaning magnet,they just float back to the glass they are spider like in appearence but extremly small.
what on earth are they :-? :( :-? :( .
i don't have any plants,and i never use the water from my purchases either,i catch them whist their still IN the bag AND DISCARD THE WATER
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How long has this tank been set up?

What are the water parameters on the tank?

What is the stock list?

What is your normal tank maintenance routine?

What are you feeding? How long does it take them to consume the amounts you offer? How many times a day are you feeding?

It may just be hydra or planaria, both are harmless and can be resolved with increasing the frequency of water changes and decreasing food/waste amounts.

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