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Sorry for your loss.
You should be able to remedy most of the tank's problems by reorganzing your stocking.
Generally, you want to stock mbuna in harems, meaning, multiple females for each male. In your size tank, which should be stocked roughly the same as a regular 55g, you would want 3 species and 4-5 fish for each, with 1 male and the rest females. The reasoning being that, the male will harass the females equally so that no single female takes the brunt of his aggression, they all share it.
Because 'Red Top Zebra' and 'Blue zebra' could mean more than one different species of fish, pictures would be the only way to determine what they are.
With that in mind, I would begin to trim your stocking by removing the bumblebee (Ps. crabro (fairly high on the aggression level)). Perhaps your local fish store would take it, possibly for store credit.
From there, a lot depends on the other 2 species, but you could have a combination of 3 species picked from: labs, 'red tops', 'blue zebras' and cobues.
You would want to up the numbers of each to 4-5.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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