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help to identify type of cichlid please

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Hi I am all new at the cichlid game but enjoying the experience and am seeking a little help. I have what is supposed to be a METRIACLIMA ZEBRA RED TOP BLACK BAR, however it is rather plain jane at 6cm (twice the size as when i got it two months ago), with a uniform greyish body, a yellow rimmed upper fin and blue rimmed lower fins. Interestingly it looks like it has earrings, with two blue luminescent spots within a pin-head size depression at the top of its gills. All internet research and pics point to this species supposing to have the characteristics of distinct black bars on a blue body. Can anyone quanitfy that I perhaps have a female of the species, or that I am being too impatient as it is still a juvenile, or that perhaps I do indeed have a different kind of cichlid altogether. Any advice from those in the know is appreciated.
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Hi Wendy, do you have a picture you can post so that we can help you out?
Also what is it being kept with and in what size tank ?
I do believe that a Metricaclima zebra "Red Top Black Bar" is is one of the trade names for Metriaclima pyrsonotos
4 foot tank, 160ltr, co-habitating with a mottly but peaceful selection of cichlids: sulphur crested (oto lithobates), red bemba (Tropheus moorii) , electric yellow (Labidochromis caeruleus), various peacock, Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania plus pictus and bumblebee catfish, silver dollars and a clown loach. I know a hoto would help heaps but they haven't turned out clear enough. Ta Wendy
Coler said:
Also what is it being kept with and in what size tank ?
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