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Help please!!

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Either my computer is too slow or I am just lazy :D --- Does anyone have a link to those huge Rubbermaid containers, cause I was thinking of an indoor pond, cant find any on Rubbermaid site?? Thanks for the help :wink:
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Here is a link to them, at the bottom there are links to the different sizes. ... 90_4242-88

If you need to get to it, from the rubbermaid homepage, there is a link at the bottom "commercial products". Then go to "products" from the drop down, go to "view by category". Then all the way at the bottom you can click "agricultural products"

They are called Rubbermaid stock tanks and I just bought a 300-gallon one from a local nursery to use as an outdoor pond for plants. They had to order it for me because the largest ones they carried were 150 gallons. What is nice is that they have a drain plug. Rubbermaid is not the only manufacturer of stock tanks. Rubbermaids seem to be the only ones available in this area. Mine is 25 inches deep with a diameter of about 63 inches. One company makes a plastic one like Rubbermaid, but it is 8 feet long, about 25 inches deep and about 40 inches wide. I couldn't get it locally and the shipping charges would be very expensive. Google stock tanks and they will give a lot of information on what's available.
thanks :thumb: :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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