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Hey guys , i havent been on here in a year as everything with my fish has been great but last week something terrible happened. I have a 200 Litre tank with about 15 fish all together. My biggest and strongest fish died? Everything was fine, always this fish bossed others around etc. I fed the fish and the fish was all fine... then my dad 20 mins later came to the tank and the fish was upside down struggling to breath. In the end it died. It was a marble (peacock) cichlid about 18cm big. It jsut died? i check the ph and everything and the water was fine, i began thinking it was the food but no other fish got sick?

any possible reasons?

also my dads tank, the fish have been abit sick also, one is swimming sideways but has for a while now and another one just looks worn out. Is there any sort of chemical i can buy that treats the water better or helps the fish? *** always used cycle however lately things have not been good. The water seems fine we always used the lake salt and buffer so the fish conditions are good etc.

anything i can do?

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What is your usual tank maintenance routine on the tank?

What are the water parameters?

When was the last time you did a water change in relation to your problems you are currently having?

Is Cycle the only product you use other than the buffers?

Why are you buffering the water? Is your ph off?

What species are in the tank? What are the dimensions of the tank? (It's not a big enough tank for some species, so your fish could be maturing and this could be why you're having problems...)

Have you added any new fish recently?

Any other losses?

Are they all eating and behaving normally?

We need alot more information...

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