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Help needed with Stocking Tanganyikan tank....head gone :s

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Hi Guys,

I am needing help from more experienced keepers of Tangs with what to stock in my new setup.

I have a 3ft x 18" x 15" - 35 gallons and I am wondering what would be the best mix of fish to stock it with and how many? Can I keep pairs or should I put more of a shoal together?? :?

Any advice would be gratefuly appreciated. :popcorn:

I have been looking at the following possible stock so please feel free to give me your thoughts on quantity of each, possible mixes etc :-

Neolamprologus Meltisfasciatus
Cypridchromis Leptosoma
Alto Compressiceps

I have done a lot of research on the natural environment and I have attempted to make my own 3d background. I have just added the first layer of cement today which is drying as we speak. To the left of the tank the background is overhanging slightly with freeswimming space at the front, which I thought I could add shells? To the right I have got what you could say a pile of rocks with caves. I didn't want to take up too much swimming space but am I right in thinking, depending on what I stock it with, open swimming space wouldn't be too much of an issue???

Also I have been thinking about bottom feeders??? Are they are must and if so, what African bottom feeders would be advisable if any???

My head is swimming with all the information I have read lately so actually getting someone's thoughts would be better than just reading up. :-?
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From your list I would do a pair of altolamps and a colony of multifasciatus. A 36" tank is probably too small for cyps.
i think some small cyps like utinta might be ok, i currently have them in a 37 gallon which is the same footprint as a 20 gallon long but i only have 6, with white calvus, a small colony of 3 multis constantly churning out babies, and a single goby cichlid

i highly recommend the goby! the can be sht disturbers at times but their personality makes up for it and altos are tough mine shrug off the goby, and my goby doesnt dare go near the multi's shells and brave their lightning-strike like attacks
Thanks guys I will look in to these :) I really like altos, are these best just kept as a pair or can you have more than one pair or will they fight over terrority too much.

Doing second layer of concreting tonight on my background. Can't wait to get tank ready so next few weeks are going to drag :s
Sounds like a nice tank for Paracyps (blue neon) and multies
I would be against the cyps and paracyps in this aquarium as well. It's just too small. As a species/breeding tank the paras would work. IME, these guys tend to be very fragile.

Alto Comp/Calvus can work with a mellow Julies and brevis or multis. Multifasciatus could potentially take the tank over! Their colony defense could have the larger fish at the margins. It would take months for that to occur however.

As for bottom feeders, bushy nose cats are super fun. Ancistrus Sp. Very easy to find in albino and long fin. They grow to a max of 5" and do great work on the algae. They will still need to be fed algae wafers once or twice a week.
Finally finished my concreting. Waiting for it to dry now and then I will be siliconing it in place. Dreading that bit :s

I'm still none the wiser as what to stock tank with????? I wondering whether to make more of a species tank??? Any suggestions on quanitity etc
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