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Hi there,

I currently have a 200ltr corner tank which is filled with Mbuna,Haps,Peacocks etc which were all bought with the fish shops saying they would all be fine together and fit in the tank. I know know better and although everything is fine in the tank in terms of aggression etc i know that a few of these fish are more suited too a bigger tank.

I have bought a 300ltr Juwel Rio and although i would prefer a bigger tank i simply won't be able to fit anything bigger in the house i am currently in. (A bigger tank will be bought once i move house :thumb: )

My question is how to go about stocking the tank. I am going to leave all Mbuna in the corner tank and i will be moving all the haps,peacocks etc into the 300 ltr which are these -

1 x Aulunocara Calico (male)
1 x C.Moori (possibly female)
2 x Red Empress (male + female)
3 x 5 Bar Trets (unkown sexes)
6 x Alto.Calvus (unkown sexes)
1 x Hap sp.44 (male)

Is there any other fish i could add as i am unsure about the amount of fish that will fit into the 300ltr ?? Should i go all male?? I am confused lol !! I was thinking an all male because i have watched the one Calvus that is in my main tank hoover over any of the fish that are trying to breed on the sand ready to snatch any eggs that appear lol so i was just going to try and let the Calvus breed in the 300ltr tank and get more females for my Mbuna that will be in the other tank and see if they breed or not.


Please Note that i am upgrading my tank so i am able to keep my Alunocara,Red Empress, Hap sp44 and my Calvus so i don't want to be giving these away or anything.

:fish: Ashley :fish:

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What are the dimensions? 300l is about 78 gallons so if the tank is 48" x 18" then look at the cookie cutter for a 75G tank for ideas. Usually about 4 species.

However, you have Tangs and Malawi mixed. Tangs pair and Malawi don't. I'd get rid of the trets (not a community fish, will wipe out the tank when they breed) and the Calvus. Or if you want to keep the Calvus, I'd move them to the corner tank and add only very calm tankmates from Lake Tanganyika.

I don't think you have room for breeding groups if you want to keep all your species. If you want all male, remove the females.

What are the other mbuna in the corner tank? If you go all male, maybe the haps and mbuna can be together in the 78G tank?
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