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help me! quick

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this morning i woke up and my frontosa juv's 8 of 12 were dead
the 4 left were at the top clearly stressed tank is a 125 new set-up just about a month old last night they were fine i quickly scooped the 4 left and put them into my 10 gal planted tank. the tests were all stable with a slight increase in ammonia but should that have made them die! im so upset. let me know what to do with the 4 left oh i put ome baking soda for ph prime and stress coat in before adding the fish toi the ten gal which has no fish but alot of snails and had lots of fish a week or two ago have not changed that filter or water since then and the readings are 0 for ammonia and only a little nitrate no nitrite
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Hi ciolino,

I answered your pm on this problem. I'll just add that if the ten gallon hasn't had any fish in it for over a week then it's no longer a cycled tank. That's okay for now--you did the right thing removing them from the other tank. Just do a 30% daily water change on the ten gallon and keep testing the water. You've got the Prime which should help with ammonia and nitrite. You can also add 1 teaspoon of sodium chloride, (regular table salt without additives) per ten gallons. This will help to detoxify any nitrite.

How are they doing so far in the new tank?

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