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help me out

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hey guys i need some help from the experts i really like the sand look as far as substrate but some people at the lfs told me my mbunas are goin to play around in the sand and my tanks is always goin to be cloudy now how true is that? or how about crush coral? as far as crush coral i like the look too but i dont have to worry about the ph im lucky the my water has a high ph me out please thanks.... :thumb:
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If you don't clean your sand properly, there is a risk that the water could be cloudy. If you rinse and clean your sand, it will never be an issue. All of my tanks have sand, take a look at "My Tanks".
thanks man nice tanks what kind of sand do you use?
freddy1477 said:
thanks man nice tanks what kind of sand do you use?
I've used Play Sand, Beach Sand and lately Quikcrete All Purpose Sand. The Play Sand takes too long to clean, the Quikcrete being the choice I would use again.

I bought it at Home Depot, but you should find similar products at Lowes, etc..... You don't want super fine grain, slightly larger.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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