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Help me ID these cichlids

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Please help me ID these fish. I took the pics using my cell phone while at my local pet shop. They got these cichlids, they are labeled as African Cichlids (National), so I suppose that they are locally breed (I'm in Panama, Central America). They are approx. 2 inches long. Sorry for the low quality pics.

Here are the pics:

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the help. I finally decided to buy my first 3 cichlids from that store, they don't know what is the exact type. They just call them National African Cichlids (I suppose that they are locally breed african cichlids). I would like to know exactly what type they are.

I posted pictures here:

They are a little less than 2" long.

Your help is appreciated.
Thanks for your quick responses. Now I can do a little of research about my new family members.

I asked some info (max. size, compatibility, water temp, ph, etc.) at the store. But they could not tell me the exact kind of cichlids they were. For them, all are just African Cichlids. I visited 5 different stores before buying, got the same results. I'm in Panama, Central America. I guess that the stores are not as educated as the ones you can find in other places.

Now I can validate the information and get more information online.

My tank is 50 gal. Temp is 30C. Ph is 7.5. Plastic plants, two large castles with caves (provide plenty of hiding areas), fine gravel, Cascade 300 filter.

I saw pictures of Frontosa Burundi and I think that mine might not be one of those. Mine does not have the protuberance in the head. The finds have a blueish tone, the rest is white with black (some a little brownish) stripes.

Fogelhund, can I keep the Frontosa for some time and then trade it or find it a new home (larger tank)? Will it cause it any harm to keep it while smaller than a certain size? It is 1.5" right now, how long until I would have to move it?

Thanks for your reply,

In addition to my previous question (keeping the suppossedly Frontosa Burundi) in my 50 gal. tank for some time, I wonder if the fish can actually be a Tretocephalus like this one ... phalus.php



The Cy. Frontosa is becoming a little aggressive with the rest of the fish in the tank, especially with the smaller Yellow Lab and Pseudotropheus Socolofi. No bites yet, just harassing. So it seems that it may be able to compete well with the rest of the fish. Maybe I can keep it in the short term. What do you think?

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