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Help me ID these cichlids

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Please help me ID these fish. I took the pics using my cell phone while at my local pet shop. They got these cichlids, they are labeled as African Cichlids (National), so I suppose that they are locally breed (I'm in Panama, Central America). They are approx. 2 inches long. Sorry for the low quality pics.

Here are the pics:

Thanks in advance.

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First two pictures are of Melanochromis auratus. Second picture appears to have a Pseudotropheus socolofi and either a Metriaclima estherae or OB Peacock hybrid.
secrest said:
The first three are of a Frontosa, looks to be Burundi I would guess.

The next is a Yellow Lab Labidochromis caeruleus

The third (blue one) appears to be Labidochromis caeruleus (Nkhata Bay) but not 100 percent positive on that one

And the last is a yellow lab again
First two types are correct, the blue fish is a Pseudotropheus socolofi.
rsucre said:
My tank is 50 gal. Temp is 30C. Ph is 7.5. Plastic plants, two large castles with caves (provide plenty of hiding areas), fine gravel, Cascade 300 filter.

I saw pictures of Frontosa Burundi and I think that mine might not be one of those. Mine does not have the protuberance in the head. The finds have a blueish tone, the rest is white with black (some a little brownish) stripes.

The protuberance usually only happens in males, and as they get above 5-6", and growing as the fish grows. The tank is far too small for frontosa anyway.
Cy. frontosa is a slow moving fish, that isn't too aggressive, particularly when young. I would move it now, as it isn't a fish that is likely to compete long term, very well with the fish you currently have. A single Neolamprologus tret might work out fine with your fish, though they can be fairly aggressive sometimes as well.
Fogelhund, I think the OP is asking if the fish in this post is a N. tretocephalus…


No, it isn't a tretocephalus.
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