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Help identifying cyp leptosoma

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About 8 months ago I purchased a dozen cyp fry. After 3 months all but 4 had succumbed to "wasting" disease, but these guys have been fine since, so I assume they're healthy and parasite-free. I want to build their shoal back up from a quality supplier (thinking blue chip aquatics), but I am not sure what type of cyprichromis leptosoma to purchase. The breeder I purchased these from said they were "chituta." I don't know if they're of the blue flash or neon head variety... and I haven't seen very many sporting the yellow dorsal fin like mine do, which makes things difficult.

I realize they are not mature and have not colored up completely yet.. Any ideas? Sorry my subpar photography skills.

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For now, yes; 55. I am upgrading to a 6ft 135gal in several weeks.

If I can't ID them, I will probably sell off these guys and get an entirely new group, even though I'm not looking to breed them anyway. I know the poor guys aren't happy being a group of just 4 -- Perhaps I could get raise them alone in a stress-free environment and get them to breed? I just don't know what to do with them.
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