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Help identifying cyp leptosoma

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About 8 months ago I purchased a dozen cyp fry. After 3 months all but 4 had succumbed to "wasting" disease, but these guys have been fine since, so I assume they're healthy and parasite-free. I want to build their shoal back up from a quality supplier (thinking blue chip aquatics), but I am not sure what type of cyprichromis leptosoma to purchase. The breeder I purchased these from said they were "chituta." I don't know if they're of the blue flash or neon head variety... and I haven't seen very many sporting the yellow dorsal fin like mine do, which makes things difficult.

I realize they are not mature and have not colored up completely yet.. Any ideas? Sorry my subpar photography skills.

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It is generally not a good idea to buy more Cyps unless you really know what you own.
An internet ID of uncolored up individuals is not something I'd trust.

Is this still in the 55g tank?
Wait to order or buy fish until large tank is up and running... then order.
Personally I would sell them off super cheap as unidentified Cyps... someone will be more patient and let a male show up/color up fully. Once they sell, you are then freed up to get a proper school of Cyps of a known variant. :thumb:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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