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Help ID Frontosa

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Hey guys *** had these Fronts for a couple years got them at about an inch...unfortuanatly I have no idea on what kind they are I only have 3 left out of 9... this one has been picked on lately......notice the fins :( ....but any idea what kind of front it is

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Usually i would say its burundi variant, considerin straight line across eye from top to bottom of head, but rest of head is also very dark on this picture so im not positive, fish looks stressed due the dark colouring, are u sayin u had 9 and 6 died already? I mean isnt it time to ask why are they dyin and whats wrong with ur tank. Who is pickin on them, tank info details, other tankmates etc??!
Agreed. Stressed out Burundi.

Please provide the additional information requested by the previous poster, as something is definitely not right
yea 6 have died over the 2 years...this one is definitely stressed... and I know the culprit... 8" Male Trout Hap... hes the boss... I guess my mistake was adding 9 Fronts when I started my Hap/Peacock tank... seeing how i only have maybe 8-9 fish pair of trout might be seeing the LFS soon... im thinking about going all Tang...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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