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ok, at first i noticed that my goldfish had a torn back fin.... and he had a couple of red blotches on him.... it only looked like he rubbed against a rock... so then another one got it.... really bad.... and then when we went to treat him with what the LFS dude told us tto put in with him some white dots showed up on the fish (kind of looked like worms) they were in with some other fish but none of them seem to have it.... so any help????
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it is anchor worm..... i figured it out... do you know how to get rid of it and the larvae?
i have some medicine in with them, one died, it is kind of disgusting to see little baby worms swimming in the water, but ok.... i am going to give them a salt bath too.... hopefully they will be ok. I have had them for a long time!
they don't have ich, i think i am going to have to freeze them, they are too sick, i don't have the water parameters.... teh red spots are wehre the worms have burrowed i to the fish, i got them a medication for diferent kinds of worms... but it is not working.... 2 have already died...
well the medicine i gave them seems to be working, the wroms have disapeared from floating in the water.... it said it was for all kinf of worms.... the water isn't dirty, they have a power head and it is clear as anything.... i do kind of feed them a lot but they eat everything that i give them
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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