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help! cloudy water

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if anyone could please help me. I have has my new/used 80 galloon tank up for about a little less then 3 months now and it will not clear. I don't think it is a bacteria bloom because that water is usually a whitish color and mines a yellowish to brownish color. I do not know what to do. When I test the water everything comes out fine except the pH and the hardness it is high, but I thought that was okay with cichlids? Then I started thinking well maybe it was my Texas Wholely Rock I have in the tank. It was one big piece and I had my father cut it into smaller pieces. Maybe the particles off of thoses pieces are doing this. I don't know? If anyone has any ideas how to fixes this please let me know. Thank You all.

Just to let you know I have an Eheim 2215, that came with the tank (new media in it, with two home made cardon bags at the top) and a top water skimer (has little basket at the time to hold media in, but no cardon in it).
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The carbon may remove the discoloration, but it would not tell you the cause so you could remove it.

Plus carbon will remove tannins which come from wood, but tannins are clear yellow-brown and your discoloration is cloudy yellow-brown, right?

Bottled water? That will only help if the cloudy yellow-brown is coming from your tap. Is your tap water clear?

Clean holey rock does not create discoloration, half the posters on the forum use it. If you did not clean it well (scrub, boil, etc.) when you added it to your aquarium, it might be worth your time to remove it and do the cleaning now.

As cichlidaholic said, usually the cloudy water that does not settle out in a day or two is bacteria or algae growing in the water. Bacteria is white and algae is green. In case it is algae, I would keep the lights off for a couple of days as it needs light to grow. Not sure how long it will take as I've never had a "bloom". Maybe someone else will chime in with that.
The most common water change amount/frequency among cichlid keepers is 50% weekly. Your fish will be extremely healthy with fresh clean water as long as you match the parameters as closely as possible. Cichlidaholic is giving you great advice.
The dirty water you are removing with all the ammonia and nitrate can weaken your fish and make them more susceptible to disease.

The clean water you are adding would not cause disease.
Ich is not caused by fresh water. There are a lot of theories, but the one that seems to be held by a lot of fishkeepers these days is it is common after too large of a temperature change (especially a drop). When you do your water change, match the temperature of the fresh water to within 1-2 degrees of the water that is already in the tank.
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