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HELP! Am i doing this right?

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So i just noticed today that two of my clown loaches have ich! :x I have loaches, Mbunas and a common pleco. I read Cichlidaholic's article on treating ich with temp and salt. I cleaned the tank and added an extra bubble disc to the tank. so now i am running a bubbler on either side of the tank plus i left about 4in of open air at the top of the tank to add more filter agitation. i am raising the temp from 75 degrees to about 88 degrees. My tank is 55gal. I am disolving 20tbs of aquareum salt in a bucket of water that i will add gradually to the tank over the next 24-48 hours. I leave it at that temp for ten days then do water changes to lower the salt in the tank back to normal....does that sound right?
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yup. raise the temp slowly exspecially W/ that big of a jump
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