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HELP! Am i doing this right?

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So i just noticed today that two of my clown loaches have ich! :x I have loaches, Mbunas and a common pleco. I read Cichlidaholic's article on treating ich with temp and salt. I cleaned the tank and added an extra bubble disc to the tank. so now i am running a bubbler on either side of the tank plus i left about 4in of open air at the top of the tank to add more filter agitation. i am raising the temp from 75 degrees to about 88 degrees. My tank is 55gal. I am disolving 20tbs of aquareum salt in a bucket of water that i will add gradually to the tank over the next 24-48 hours. I leave it at that temp for ten days then do water changes to lower the salt in the tank back to normal....does that sound right?
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what about pet store meds. would they be more effective than the salt and high temp?
is 85 degrees hot enough? that seems to be as high as my heater can heat the tank. aparently it is not powerful enough to get it any warmer. is that high enough or should i add another heater?
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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