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Hecqui or Kungweensis or Both

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So I transferred my shellies (3 Brevis Sunspot and 3 Pseudotropheus Lanisticola) from a 29-gallon tank to a 60-gallon.

And of course I want to add more fish to the mix.

I was debating what else to get. Hecqui or Kungweensis? Could I possibly add three Hecqui and three Kungweensis to the 60 and not expect trouble? Or should I opt for just one group of three?

The Brevis and the Lanisticola get along great. I never had a problem with them in the 29. They both seem to be very mellow for me.

The only other occupant I have in the tank is a small convict cichlid.

So, any suggestions?
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What is the foot print of this 60 gallon? I would think that you'd have to pass on the Hecqui, all fish in the Lepidiolamprologus genus are quite pugnacious, I wouldn't mix them with any other shell dweller. How long have you had the Metriaclima Livingstonii (previously Ps. lanisticola)? They can get pretty aggressive as well when they reach maturity, but I can see them getting along with the brevis. As you know the convict will eventually become a problem, but if you want to keep another shell dwelling species I suggest you try caudopunks or Altolamprologus compressiceps "Sumbu", depending on the foot print or course.
Longstocking said:

First thing, the Kungweensis are critically endangered :( Where are you getting them from? I would like some :thumb: :wink:

Honestly, I wouldn't add any more shellies. Something for the upper areas of the tank would be better. Cyprichromis would make a very nice addition.
I see kungweensis on and off in Southern Ontario, I think there are a few people breeding them and I had some myself awhile back. I also picked up some Kungweensis last year in Ottawa, which I'm sure were tank bred (they were TINY) but I traded them in on some puffers. So they are around if you're really interested in them.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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