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Hi there,
I was wondering are there good and safe heaters out there? I recently had a heater that I got at petco and it killed my two pictus cats and almost killed my raphael cat. I have also seen that some heaters blow up. I am really wanting to get some rams which require a specific temperature and I know I need to get a heater but how do I know which one to get. Also how do I know it won't kill the rams? Can the heater be in the tank?

Would really like some thoughts and suggestions.

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I stopped trusting heaters ever since I had one stick on. You might want to consider a temperature controller. It’s an added layer of assurance that the heater won’t cook your fish. I use the ETCI-1Rs from Jehmco, and am very happy with the way they perform.

As far as heaters, I do like the external Hydor ETH I’m using on my 55 gallon. But, you would need a canister filter to use it. For in-tank heaters, I have some Stealths. But I can’t recommend them. It’s the brand that almost cooked my fish, and as you mentioned, they had a batch that was reported to explode.

This is definitely an area of the hobby that needs some innovation in my opinion.
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