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I currently have a Stealth 250 in my 55 Gal tank. I am looking at getting a new 75 Gal and was wondering peoples opinions on the following:

Put the Stealth 250 in the 75 and put 2 Stealth 100's in the 55.

1. Is one 250 enough to heat a 75

2. Are two 100's enough to heat the 55

3. Would two 100's be better than one 200 for the 55

Thanks for any input

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You can check here for reviews ... ?CatID=701. Look up the heaters & check other members comments for what they are using.

I don't use in the tank heaters but would think one 250W for the 75G and 1 200W for the 55G would be sufficient. It all depends on the ambient room temperature & what your fish require.
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