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Heater issue

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my elite heater doesn't seem to be heating the water, the light is on, and i haven't done anything to it.... i turn the knob, but the temp isn't rising..... what to do, any body with tips on what to do, other than its broken....

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If it isn't heating then it's likely not working.
What wattage, what size tank and what temperature is the room?
Those heaters fail on a regular basis, over the years the ones that lasted me the longest were the ebo-jager and the rena-cal ones.

The elites ones usually get stuck in the "on" position and boil the tank. Usually after a water change where someone forgot to unplug it, exposing the tube to air. Having the light on but no heat is a first for me.. but I am not surprised at all to see one fail.

In any case you can check the reviews section for suggestion on a replacement. Just make sure to stay clear of the stealth ones.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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