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has anyone kept yellow labs with pundamillia species?

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I have an opportunity to get some quality fish from San Antonio.
I have several labs in my mixed tank that I would like to move to another tank,(55) and I don't want to put them with my dem colony.
The cookie cutter page suggests pundamillia nyererei with labs. I was thinking of pundamillia
sp. "blue bar" Hippo Point.
Does anyone have an opinion on this combo? How many of each in a 55? Lots or rocks, plants, or??
Other fish I was interested in was White Top Hara. Would they do alright with labs or as a single species?
Thanks a lot,
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I don't see any problem with mixing the P. Nyereri with the Labs. or the Blue Bar Hippo Pt. I have mixed my P. N. with misc. cichlids and all get along well-and all the normal cichlid fussy behaviour. 8) I don't know about the White Top Hara.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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