Haplochromis vonlinnei

Haplochromis (Harpagochromis) vonlinnei. Photo by Greg Steeves​

Haplochromis vonlinnei, sometimes referred to as Harpaglochromis vonlinnei, is a predatory species originally found in and around the Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria. Due to the introduction of the Nile Perch in the 1950s, H. vonlinnei's numbers have decreased steadily and it is believed that the species is extinct in the wild. This species would hunt smaller fish over the muddy-bottom waters of Mwanza Gulf.

Named after naturalist Carl Linnaeus, Haplochromis vonlinnei is characterized by a slender, grey body and black band running from head to tail. The band is said to be thicker in males than females. The photo above appears to show a little red and green on what is an otherwise grey body. Although thought to be extinct, some hobbyists keep the species alive in their tanks. If you have an opportunity to keep these fish, consider devoting a tank to them. To discuss H. vonlinnei visit the Lake Victoria Basin Species forum.