Haplochromis vanheusdeni

Haplochromis vanheusdeni juvenile. Photo from journal article.​

A journal article has been written describing a new species from the Great Ruaha River drainage in Tanzania. Haplochromis vanheusdeni can be found in the fast-moving waters of several streams and in a stretch of the Great Ruaha River. This mouthbrooder spends its time in the rocky or debris covered areas of the river. It appears to feed on small organisms in the sand and debris as well as any floating food particles that passed by. Larger individuals were about 3.5" long in the wild. Groups of up to 10 H. vanheusdeni could inhabit a small area, but large males and brooding females would defend small territories.

If rheophilic cichlids are your thing, keep an eye out for this species. They are already being bred in captivity and brood sizes are between 20-40 fish. To read more about Haplochromis vanheusdeni, visit Africhthy.org for a copy of the article in PDF format. If you would like to learn about keeping rheophilic cichlids, take a look at the library article titled Setting up a Rheophilic Tank by Dave Hansen Esq.