Haplochromis sp

Haplochromis sp. "ruby". Photo by Greg Steeves​

Another beautiful Victorian cichlid, although not from Lake Victoria, is the Haplochromis sp. "ruby". The Lake Victoria Basin is made up of many lakes, streams and swamps surrounding the much larger Lake Victoria. Cichlids from this area are collectively referred to as Victorian cichlids. H. sp. "ruby" is found in Lake Kyoga and also in the much smaller Lake Nawampassa.

Haplochromis sp. "ruby", also known as H. sp. "ruby green", can grow to around 4" in length. The males sport the bright red, green and blue coloration, especially when spawning or showing dominance. Although they can be aggressive toward their own species, H. sp. "ruby" males aren't too tough on their own females. Despite not being as aggressive as other Victorian cichlids, they are best kept in groups of one male to multiple females. For more information on this species visit the Species Article by Marc Elieson. To discuss Haplochromis sp. "ruby" visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.