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I recently picked up some Haplochromis sp. "all red" (two males and four females) from a fellow member of cichlid-forum. These fish have great color and love the red it brings to my tank. These guys have already produced a few batches of fry. They even carry an albino gene, so I have 12-15 albino fry.

Anyways, I am new to the Vics and all my research is just confusing me more. Some say "All Red" are the same Kyogo Flamebacks. However, the the profile sections here show a distinction between Haplochromis sp. "all red" (Lake Edward) which is what I believe I have and the Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback".

I have included some pics of my dominant male below (best I can do with my camera). I am looking for confirmation that these are the Haplochromis sp. "all red" (Lake Edward). Also curious what the albino version of these look like, anyone have pics? I have seen a few via google search.[/img]

With flash
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