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Hap tank setup

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Calling all hap lovers!!! I need help setting up an all hap tank. I know a 6 foot tank is kind of the beginning footprint for the size of the tank. Some people say you should have lots of open space for swimming. Some people say you got to have hiding spots and rockwork. I would like to keep some peaceful haps (phenos,borleyi,mloto ivory head). Any problems or successes in setups would be appreciated.
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I'm keeping phenos and borleyis together in a 5' 100 gal tank. I plan on squeezing in a small goup of proto. spilonotus as well. It seems to be working fine. I have a small rock pile on each end of the tank and the rest is all open. I've found that wih overfiltration and more mild manner haps you can stock a little heavier.

Welcome to the (hap) family. I'd suggest that you set your tank up according to the species you've planned to keep. The Borleyis and Mlotos are Utaka species so you'll need more open space than rockwork. The Phenos reside in shallow waters so I'd suggest you go with silica sand. A $3 bag of brown playsand from Home Depot works for me. As for rockwork, I'd keep serval large pieces in the center of your tank stacked to where your fish can swim threw them with ease. The Haps you intend on keeping are peaceful so they really don't need hiding spots.

Thanks a lot guys with all the suggestions. A tank with more of a open setup is what I was looking for. I had a mbuna tank once and my tank had tons of lace rock which made it harder to keep clean because of all the nooks where waste could collect with lack of water movement.
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