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Gymnogeophagus sp. catalan

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hi everyone, been gone for a while from fish, but around 3 months later i'm back into things again :)
i got some gymnogeophagus sp. catalan - a group of 8. I think I have around 5 or 6 males and 2 females. not the best of odds, but better than nothing. i had one pair that spawned, and there's another pair that formed with the same male from the first spawning (he happens to be the biggest male in the tank).
in any case, here it goes

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Very nice Gymno's from the Rhabdotus complex! Hopefully I will get mine soon and I have been waiting for them for at least 6 months. I will get some F1 of the G. Paso Pache (exMeridionalis). What is the size of the fish and what is the size of the tank? How abouth aggression between the males? I assume you are familiar with their special needs (cool period during winter of abouth 60F).

Specie catalan is from north Uruguay (Artigas).
Ewok,....good to hear. I have a 75 ready for them and I plan on 6. They do have some tankmates (Cheatostoma and A. rhatbindi = green fire tetra)that will be in this tank all the time. I will move the Gymno's to a tank on a spare bedroom during the winter period so I can provide them with the cool down period of 55F for 2 or 3 months.

They will be more nippy and show some more territorial behaviour when the temps rise and they start to breed. When temps drop they be more peaceful.

By the way, it right that you also had Guianacara?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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