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Growing fry

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I have some fry that I have in a grow out tank and I was wondering about how big they have to be to put them in the main tank. I just dont want to raise them up just to get eaten by the other fish. As far as I know they are yellow lab fry but there is a possibility that they could be half red zebra and yellow lab, wont know till they grow more, they are only 1/4" long right now.
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As long as they won't fit in the mouth of your largest fish, they should be fine...

Not at 1/4 inch, though!

If you're housing red zebras and Yellow labs together, there is no way to be 100% certain about the fry, unless you witness the entire spawn and remove the mother immediately after. I purchased a group that looked like perfect Yellow labs, but produced fry that were obviously part estherae.

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