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First I would like to say hello. I am a long time fish lover and owner. I am living in Finland, but I am from the US hence why I am here :)

I went to a pet store today in search of some fish. Usually they just have the standard fish and I was pretty shocked to see that they had 3 cichlids. They did not even know what they was. They said they got them by accident. So I grabbed all 3. Now the problem I am having. I am not sure exactly which ones they are. I was looking online and the closest I could guess was aulonocara koningsi.

Any help with this would be wonderful :)

Links in next post since I need 1 post before I can post links :)

Also one more question. Does anyone know of a good place in Europe that sells fish online and ships? Finding the fish I want here has proved a bit difficult to say the least :p

Thanks for your time!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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