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Sounds like either a fungal or bacterial infection. Did it come on suddenly or have you noticed the patches slowly growing over the past week or so? Are there any open wounds on the fish? Are the patches fuzzy or more like scratched off areas? Is the fish rubbing against things? Is the fish still eating and swimming normally? How long have you had this particular fish and how long has your tank been set up?

Most bacterial and fungal infections come on as a result of poor water conditions and also a fish who is stressed and therefore more susceptible to disease in general.

Test your water on your main tank for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph and then do a partial water change of 40% with a good quality declorinator and siphon the gravel if you haven't done so in over a week. In both tanks: Add salt at the rate of 1 tablespoon per five gallons, (sodium chloride, aquarium salt). Increase the water movement. The salt and increased water movement may help prevent the spread of the fungal/bacteria by not allowing it to adhere to the fish's skin.

Please post back with addition information, your fish may needs meds.

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