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Mom has eaten about 150 kids with only about 30 left, she's by herself with her offspring so no other stressors around her.
The fry hatched about 2 weeks ago and she seemed to be eating maybe 10 per day but it accelerated in the past 2 days. Any idea why this is happening? She's very protective and flares up even if I get close to the tank, yet why is she eating them?
Please see before and after photos. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks


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Got it.
So you started with 180 to 200 fry originally, right? And now, your female has eaten approximately 150 of them at this point.
Well now.....
I believe there's a couple things going on here.
- Smart Female. The tank is too small for all of these babies. For this Cichlid species, I believe the babies have been snacking on her slime coat. And, with that many babies taking nips off of the ol' slime coat... well, without Dad around to help spread the load out, its been a bit much. Plus, the tank is too small. She knows it too, and there is NO WAY that all of them are gonna survive in that little aquarium! So, she's saying its "Time for some of you to go, so the rest of us will have a chance here".
- Bad Female. Mental problems... Do you KNOW how many lines that female Green Terror has been bred down to, to get where she is now? How many brothers-sisters from the same spawning broods have since spawned out with each other to produce..... her? In-breeding problems takes a lot longer in fish, for noticeable symptoms to develop. But, over successive, spawning generations, problems will ultimately happen. This helps to explain the popularity of WC or F1 fish for serious breeders. They know the starting line will be strong to start out their captive breeding programs.
So, it comes down to what you need to achieve with breeding your female Green Terror. If you need all 180 to 200 of those babies, (to selll?). You will have to net the babies out when they can eat for themselves. Place these babies in grow-out tanks separate from the female and a lot more of them will survive to adult sizes. Otherwise, in that small tank you have the female in now? I believe she is self-culling the babies in with her.
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