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GREEN Cichlid???

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Anyone aware of any primarily GREEN colored african cichlids that I could add to my all male Peacock / Hap. tank?
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Green Face Saulosi
I looked at that one (green face saulosi) but it doesn't really look green...

looks more blue and yellow.. which I have in my tank already.

Any other options?
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Tramitichromis sp. "Intermedius"
That looks better, I'll have to see if I can find one to look at in person...

Anything else?
can only think of some of the Lethrinops :-?
guess there isnt many out there
The green face lethrinops looks nice.. but might get too big for my tank....

Thanks guys.. I'll keep looking but I think you may be right.. there just aren't many...
Most Lethrinops don't get much bigger than peacocks and the smaller to medium-sized Haps. There's very little known about them though so getting consistent information can be difficult.

For the most part though, if you want a nice green, Lethrinops is the way to go.
I asked about the color of the Tramit once...wanted assurances it was really green or colored versus silver. The answer was it is a really nice teal at certain angles and silver at others. Sort of irridescent so not always the teal color.

I've looked and not found anything with much green.
Dave said:
These will not color up if they are stressed. They need very mild mannered tank mates to see the nice colors.
I would say the Ruby Greens are your best bet...I have had my group for 4 years and are housed with a wild group of Pseu. Demasoni. My dominant Ruby is 90% in color all the time. They are in a 90 and kinda have a line in the sand that neither cross, and both stay great looking.
Hi again,

go with both :lol:


had them in the same set up for over a year with no probs.
tried to find a pic with them both in but failed :roll:
the intermedius does grow quite a bit bigger tho :D
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Very nice fish alanastar! I may just have to try them both!!! :thumb:

Thanks all./
A Venustus is green w/ blue head.
Is that what kind of fish you keep??? :D

A Venustus is green w/ blue head.
They get too big for my 55.

Thanks all.
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