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Gravel & sand mixture

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being a 75G tank has a coarse black gravel at aprox 2-3" with 6 2" africans. Now that I've been reading up a little more and better understand the fish..can I just add an inch or more of black sand over top of the gravel with no ill effects?
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I would take it out. You could add to it, but you will prob see some gravel as the sand will just fall between the spaces.
I was thinking that, but also thought it might have a nice look to it with the mixture and felt possibly between the 2 textures, they could pick at it and move it around..if that makes sense..
The mixed textures might be a cleaning nightmare and IMO you need less than 2" for cichlids total. the time you remove 1-2" of gravel to allow 1" of sand...just as easy to remove it all.

Any time you cover established substrate you are also losing at least some beneficial bacteria growing on the surface that will have their oxygen cut off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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