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well i found my camera tonight. i wanted to take pics of my new rocks but got caught up taken pics of fish. i should have cleaned glass first but oh well. hope you likeeeeee :)

first my aul sutartgranti mbamba bay sunshine
out of a group of 5 he is the only one with any color, and he has a lot.

here you can see another mbamba bay with no colors, i think 3 out of 5 are going to be male.

and here is my biggest copadichromis trewavesae mloto likoma
(he sometimes changes to a dark blue with stripes and his dots disappear)

and my sole female yellow lab. out of 8 labs she was the only female, right now she is not knocked up...

i will post some more later. still have aceis and labs to take pics of in same tank. need more batteries.... :?

also does anyone know of or use a adobe photshop walkthrew sight??? i would like to learn more on how to adjust pics with lights and glares and whatever else there is to start with.


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