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WC Lab. Fuellie 'Katale' pair, spawning!!
F1 Metr. Chailosi
Cyno. 'Mbweca' male
Ps. Dolphin 'Manda' top & bottom, Labeo. Trew. 'Mpanga' 3"male, F1 Labid. 'Chisumulu' juvies
OB Mpanga Trew female
Next two WC Ps. Minutus Tanzania 'Manda'. Looks like my HaiReef Afra, only no yellow sub-marginal in the dorsal. Perfect barring in the dorsal, too.
Bought as 'ThumbiReef' white Lab. Male tells me they're Frebergi. Think the help at the importers made a boo-boo.
F1 Cobue Afra
Male OB Zebra(loc.?) and an unknown Elongatus variant. Was thinking Linganjala, but not enough yellow in tail. Then, I was thinking 'Likoma', but just got a wild pair, and there's no way. Guy said they were called 'Mozambique' Elongs. They sure are pretty, whatever they are!!
Hundred gallon
Another shot of Katale male.

Selfish not to share, so I did!

Fancy meeting you here, kyboy!.
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