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Goofy Demasoni

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We got our order of fish today via Fed Ex and the introduction went well. My tank is soooo pretty now with some great color!

Everyone is swimming around and getting along but I'm noticing some rather odd behavior. I have a Penguin Bio-Wheel filter and about 3/4 of the way up the intake tube is a second intake. There's a little lever to open and close it. So two of my dems are taking turns getting stuck to the filter and then swimming away. They get real close then it vacuums them to the side of the filter. They stay there a second and then pull away, swim around, and get stuck again. Is this a form of flashing or just curiosity and a couple of fish that sat in plastic bags a day too long?
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Young Demasoni seem to like to play in currents. When i first got mine, they used to all line up and swim against the current of my AC110. About 10 or 12 of the 17 would gather on the left of the tank and then literally swim in a line against the current over and over-but only when i turned the lights off. They're like little kids goofing off after school.
Mine enjoy lining up in front of the powerhead from time to time and swimming "upstream".
yeah, i wouldn't worry too much about it.. look at it this way, at least they're healthy enough to pull themselves away from the suction.. :thumb: best of luck..
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