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Good tankmates for Calvus

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Does anyone have any suggestions for tankmates for Calvus? Was doing a group of 5-6 calvus in a 55 tall and wanted to add more fish. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
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A shell dweller would be good in that tank (take your pick), and I'd also try to get some Paracyprichromis. Other options would be a second rock-dweller such as Julidochromis or beuscheri...

Calvus are generally good neighbors, so you've got quite a few options. :thumb:
how many paracyp. can you add i have 4 comps and 2 calvus
What are the dimensions of a 55 tall?
i dont have a tape measure handy but mine is about 4 feet long x 2 foot high and like 1 foot deep around i want to say 14 inches deep?
+1 for the Julidochromis. My J. marlieri and Calvus get along fine, The Occies defend their shell to either that "intrudes" but that is about it...
Cyprichromis that cannot fit in your your calvus mouth are good to have with them. They are very peaceful fish.
I have 3 black Calvus, 6 J. Regani, 6 Cyp Blue Flash , and 2 Bristlenose Plecos in my 55. I just added all but the Calvus this past weekend, and everything is fine. Going to wait for the Regani to pair off and then put the others in another tank.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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