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Goldfish Food?

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What do you feed your fish?
Live Food Only00.00%
Mixed: Live,flakes,pellets,etc535.71%
Only Flakes, and pellets964.29%
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Okay, I have 4 calico goldfish and I was wondering if it is okay to feed Tetra Fin "crisps, sinking pellets, and flakes"??? Or just the crisps and pellets or what? Any advice with be useful. :)

they will even eat bits of veggies,,,,,,,,,,

I avoid live foods, simply do to the risk of infecting my fish or the whole tank....... :D
Yea ho do you feed them peas and stuff?
HugKissLove1994 said:
Yea ho do you feed them peas and stuff?
Take the skins off the peas, I give them, along with my fronts,
Nori, broc, zuccini,cabage.........
My fish were trained at a very tender age to eat what is offered............
they also get frozen foods, shrimp, krill, mysis.clams, muscles, never bhrine shrimp(no good,,,,)
I have listened to people say, my fish only eat bhrine shrimp, and guess what???
They starve to death,,,,,Is ok for a snack,I don't bother.............
I also soak some food in selcon, and garlic...
My fish eat very well....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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