Giant Isopod

Bathynomus giganteus​

The term Giant isopod is used for as many as 20 species of large crustaceans in the Genus Bathynomus. Giant isopods are important scavengers in the deep-sea and are most commonly found 500 to 7000 feet underwater. At these depths, food is scarce and they have adapted to surviving without food for long periods. This ability to survive without food has been witnessed at the Toba Aquarium in Japan. An isopod originally caught off the coast of Mexico and kept at the Toba Aquarium has not eaten a meal since January 2009. According to aquarium officials, after its large meal over 4 years ago the isopod has refused to eat. It goes as far as examining food, but will not eat. Needless to say, aquarium officials are concerned.

To get a perspective on the size of these overgrown pill bugs (which they are related to), take a look at this video:

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