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German Blue Ram Breeding Question

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Hi experts!

I have 2 German Blue Rams both of which I think are female but its hard to tell as everyone knows in these fish! I have had them for 4 months now. I am hoping you may be able to tell from me describing their spawning behaviour?

I have had 3 batches of eggs all of which have been eaten. The last lot faired longer than the previous and stayed a beige colour for 2 days (none turned white) until they were eaten! Prior to the laying one fish constantly followed the other around and when it did wander off darted back and did a sort of sideways wiggle. Both of them occasionly gently pecked each other. Both furiously cleaned rocks until they decided on a spot then layed the eggs. I watched both fish take it in turns to swim over the spot quivering although I couldnt see which one was laying or if both were! The previous 2 times only one fish guarded the eggs and chased the other away but this last time they both guarded the eggs until gradullay over a few days they disappeared!

I know females can act as a pair but does this sound the kind of thing 2 females would do??
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It could go either way...You could have a pair, or two females. :wink:

Rams aren't always good parents, and the behaviour you describe is pretty typical.

Your best bet is to post good profile pics of both of them and see what the experts say on their sex...
Well you can forget all the stuff people write about sexing blue rams! The fact that females and males are different sizes, males have longer spikes, differently shaped tails, females have more rounded dorsal fins, males have longer spikes on thier front fins, that females always have black stripes on their front fins males dont, that females have bright pink bellies males dont, that females have speckles in the black spot males dont - and so on and so forth.....

I have a pair of german blue rams which *** had for 5 months which from all the info I deduced were without doubt BOTH female, they are both identical in every way and believe me *** spent hours pouring over the internet for info and hours studying them! Despite getting eggs I was told that 2 females can act as a pair. They have just laid their 4th batch of eggs since *** had them (all previous lots have been eaten) and have actually laid them where I can clearly see them - and I have eyes in the eggs!! Dont know if these will gradually disappear but at least I know I have male and female now!

The eggs did not turn a golden brown or a mustard colour but stayed beige - also useless info! So all you german blue owners out there dont dispair - you may still have a pair!!!
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