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A friend pointed your thread out to me. I have 2 tanks with Pindare in at the moment. One 3ft with 7 juveniles I'm growing on and a 5ft planted tank with 6 young adults in as part of a community.
The large community tank has now had 2 types of Geophagus in it. The first were aff altifrons, these occasionally nibbled new shoots of anubias but it wasn't too bad. The Pindare have not bothered at all so far and they've been in for 6 to 7 months.
My tank was designed with Geophagus in mind, so has only plants attached to wood. but there's alot of wood :) I did have onion plants, Crinum Thianum that looked amazing but sadly they just didn't survive and I pulled the last one out jut recently. I preferred these to vallis but they need light on the bulb and they probably could do with a fertilised substrate, as could the vallis.
If done right you can get the same effect from Cryptocoryne balansae attached to wood, I like this and it's surprised me how many plants actually do ok on wood or rocks.
So as well as various anubias, and I do think you could do a whole tank on anubias species alone :), I have various java fern, hygrophyla corymbosa, cryptocoryne balanse, cryctocoryne wendtii green gecko and aponogeton crispus. I think many crypts are worth a try and there is a taller one than balansae I think.
Roots of wood coming out of the sand is better than plant roots. Even without Geos in the tank it just makes it easier to maintain.
Tell us what other decor you have in place or in mind please.

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