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GE Aqua Rays Fresh/Saltwater Fluorescent Bulbs

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Does anyone know anywhere online aside from Foster and Smith where I can find these?

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I'm almost sure I've seen them at walmart
Yea I've looked at a few walmarts but haven't found the 48 inch ones yet.
Well doesn't look like I'm going to find them anywhere else but Foster and Smith. In that case anyone using a bulb that is comparable or similar to the GE Salt/Fresh? I was thinking a single 10k might look the same but I was unsure. I'm using a single 48" strip and need one good bulb that will help the blues and yellows pop. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
I found my GE A/R light at Walmart. That may be your best bet as I haven't seen them in the chain pet stores.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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