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Funny thing about fish while holding

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Every time I have had a fish holding eggs the following has happened:

I feed the tank for the first time since noticing that a new fish is holding.
Newly holding fish eagerly swims to the top of the tank. The mouth is full of not only eggs but anticipation of a delicious meal.
This fish then stops near the surface, seemingly confused.
Looks around at the food, the hunger is now mixed with dissapointment.
Seems to realize that it cannot eat with a mouthful of eggs. Tumbles said eggs in an almost trembling like chewing motion.
The fish then slowly sulks away to some cave, lazily beating its fins because there is really no rush at this point.
By time the next feeding occurs, the holding fish had all ready learned its lesson and doesn't even try.
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Yeah, it's funny, some of mine take about 3 times before they give up.
I still find myself cheering them on sometimes, just to see if they can figure out how to eat with a mouthful of no-nos
Hah yeah same thing happens here, they seem to be so hungry, i feel bad for them!

Also, could you tell me what the fish is you have as your avatar xalow? I saw some for sale in a garden centre near me and they were well expensive.
Its a ctenopoma acutirostre, and it was expensive when I got it too, 11 USD for a little one, yikes. I thought that was too much to pay for a fish but I succumbed to the peer pressure of the one other person I was in the store with.
I seriously watched a female Msobo swallow her eggs to eat the other night. :eek:

She and the male were spawning, my husband dropped food in (it was late and time for bed - normally we would have waited) she made the confused dash for the food, thought it over, and then swallowed the eggs while I watched horrified. (First time mom - long awaited spawn. :( )
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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