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I have a spawning female port (cichlasoma portagegrense) who laid eggs yesterday. She has some sort of fungus growth around her mouth. Won't this fungus transfer to the fry with all the mouth handling? Should I remove the female and let the male raise the brood? I guess more frequent water changes are in order. I have the pair divided in the tank away from their tankmates. They are sharing a 10 gal with 4 guppies and 3 corys - I realize it's a bit of a crowd. What do you recommend with respect to the magnitude and frequency of water changes? I've been doing 30% every week or two. I think they ate about a quarter of the eggs so far. The first time they spawned they ate the fry when they were about 3-4 days old. The tank is well cycled - over 5 years old. Temperature:82 (it's been hot lately). Ammonia tests at 0. Nitrite 0-.25, pH:7.0 I don't have a test kit for hardness or Nitrate.
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