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Frying my brain thinking about stocking! Expert advice?

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1) Pseudotropheus saulosi - Blue males and bright yellow females... I'd really like to get some of these guys...

2) Metriaclima callainos - These are 'cobalts' right? Again they'd add a different color and i'd like to get a group of them...

3) Cynotilapia afra (Jalo Reef) - They would look similar to 'Pseudotropheus saulosi' so i don't know if they would work too well...

4)Melanochromis Auratus (Auratus) - Maybe just to round out the group.

I would try to keep groups of say 5-7 of each of the four listed above.
I want to avoid hybrid fry at all costs, as I'd like to be able to trade these in to the LFS if they do spawn.
Bottom line, would this mix work? :-? :-? :-? :-?

The Questions I have are:
Will this group work well?
Will they have hybrids, I plan on keeping groups of say 7-10
Any fish that might work better in place of one of them?
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Everyone will want to know what size of tank.
1. How big is this aquarium, in terms of volume and dimensions.

2. I would recommend not getting the auratus, as they are just too aggressive, and end up causing problems in most instances.
It's a 90 Gallon 48 long, 24 deep, 25 tall.
If I boot the Auratus, what, if anything should I add?
Add would the rest of the mix work well?
any help?
noj33 said:
It's a 90 Gallon 48 long, 24 deep, 25 tall.
If I boot the Auratus, what, if anything should I add?
Add would the rest of the mix work well?
90 gallons are 48x18 floors, 48x24 is a 125 gallon.

Auratus and Chipokae are tough to keep with a lot of other fish. I'd say the Cobalts might prevent your Afras from coloring up, too, the Cobalts are zebras and are jerks in my experience.

I like Ps. Acei, they're purple/blue and have yellow tails, very pretty fish and not aggressive.

Saulosi or Msobo Deep are both good as well, the Msobo Deep have prettier females in my opinion, especially the magunga red.

There's also Ps. Flavus, a very nice looking yellow and black fish, like a yellow version of Demasoni.

Also, Ps. Daktari, which is kind of like a yellow Acei, yellow body and black tail instead of purple body and yellow tail.

You can keep Zebras, if you want, but just keep in mind they can get really aggressive.

Also, Afra Cobues are a beautiful fish, but would probably look more like Saulosi males.

I think if it were me I'd look at the cookie cutter setups in the library section.

My 75G has:
Ps. Elongatus "Orange Sunburst"
Albino Zebras

It's a good mix, and the albino zebras are the biggest jerks but the other fish have hiding spaces so it works okay.
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