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Frontosa Juveniles with Breeding Group Okay?

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My mpimbwe Frontosa WC breeding group of five are 6-12 inches in length. I have four juveniles 4 inches long in a grow out tank with other fish. Are the offspring big enough to put in with their parents in a 135 gallon tank?
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Well, I guess there are not too many frontosa keepers out there because after a week I got no responses.

I got brave and decided to put them in with the adults and after three days there has been no chasing or mayhem so I think it will work but will monitor closely for the next week.
Good feedback. I have other fry/juveniles half inch to 2.5 inches but felt these small fish did not need the four 4 inchers around. I plan to keep these four for the time being and sell off the smaller juveniles this spring.
I have had my WC for two years now. They were initially 4.5 to 6 inches, Now they are 7 to 11 inches. They get along fine with each other and are starting to breed now with less "holding" issues than a year ago. But they had always been skittish. Freaking out if you approached the tank too quickly. I have noticed this last week with the juveniles in there, the adults seem more friendly as the fry were never skittish in their own tank and are not shy in the big tank either.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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