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Free tank... New ideas

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I adopted a new tank this weekend... its a 3ft tank i believe its a 30gal long... about 12in deep and 18in tall X36in... the tank is for my daughters room but im going to take advantage of the extra space and make something cool out of it...

currently i have a 75 gal with:

1m/2f Greshakei
15 Demasoni
1m afra cobue
1m afra white top
1m/3f elongatus chailosi

and a 55gal with:

1m/3f afra hai reef
1m/3f SRT hongi
1 holding demasoni female

i was thinking of taking the cobue out of the 75 and getting another male and a bunch of females for a total of around 15 fish... Would they show good color doing that because he wont show much for color in with the demasoni and larger greshakei... i think they are too busy for the poor afras...

Any of you guys have any ideas? the 75 is my show tank so i dont really wanna take any demasoni or the greshakei out of it... im open to suggestions here...

p.s. if u cant tell i like vertical barred fish
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I think that 15 fish would be to much. Less than 10 Cobue all up might be a little better but i'm not sure how they would go in a small tank like that.

I think your best bet would be 10-12 Ps. Saulosi. Vertical barring, attractive females and of course males and they are very social. Single species tank you end up with a blue/yellow combo
How about sand for substrate and get some shellies (occelatus,Julidochromis) lots of interesting behavior in a small package.
I think a Tang setup with a bed of shells for multies would be a nice tank for kids. Not too aggressive.

If you are set on mbuna, Ps. saulosi is a good suggestion, but only one male. Multiple males in this tank could lead to aggression. Most young kids don't want to see their fish hurt each other, or even appear to hurt each other.
Salousi dont get any bigger then the cobue do they? Arent they both dwarf species? Maybe i will end up just using it as a grow out or hospital tank... i was under the impression that a 36in tank is a good size for a colony of dwarf species... oh well i needed a grow out anyways... if it makes a difference i usually stack holy rock almost to the top of the water...
Dwarf is a pretty relative term. Ps demasoni typically stay pretty small, but other "dwarf" species can reach 5" or more in the aquarium.
Also, it depends on temperament. Ps. saulosi are much more mild mannered than other mbuna.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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